Marian Seiders


Life in all its complications and surprises gives me inspiration for my art. I especially love the old, rusted, forgotten thing. Things left derelict. They suggest to me echoes of the past, the inevitability of decay and the end of life…..but also what is left behind that goes on. For me, you cannot separate my art from my life. It all goes together. Teaching it, and making it, and everything in between have a bearing on what I feel, think, and therefore create. It is playful and fun, a spiritual practice of sorts, and my psychiatrist!

Assemblage is my favorite art form though I started out as a painter. In assemblage you can take the detritus that is left over, discarded, or broken, and turn it into something interesting or beautiful. That is the challenge—can I take this old “thing” and transform it into something richer and more resonant? It is re-cycling which helps the environment of course, but it also forces people to look at things differently. Things they thought were of no use, or too ugly for appreciation take on new life and surprise them.

Born 1954, Alliance, Nebraska
Lived in South Bay since 1993
BA in Art History (emphasis Pre-Columbian Mexico), CSU Long Beach, 1977
Professional Clear Teaching Credential (Single Subject, Art), CSU Dominguez Hills, 1996
Continuing Art Education, Harbor College, 1999-present under Craig Antrim
Continuing Art Education Idyllwild Arts, 2007-present under Michael DeMeng
2010 Participant in Show “Lost and Profound” at Ps Zask Gallery, Rancho Palos
Verdes 2011 Become a member of Los Angeles Assemblage Group
2011 Participation in LA Assemblage Group show “Musical Chairs” at The Loft, San Pedro
2012 Participation in LA Assemblage Group Show “Portraits” at The Loft, San
2012 Participation in show “Pop of Color”, Gallery Expo, Long Beach
2012 Participation in show “Twilight of the Supernatural”, Gallery Expo, Long
2013 Participation in show “South Bay Focus”, Torrance Art Museum, Torrance
2013 Participation in CAEA group show ”In The Studio 3” , Santora Building,
Santa Ana
2014 LAAG show “Surrealism Meets Assemblage”, The Loft Gallery, San Pedro
2014 Participation in juried show “Red Rhapsody”, Downey Civic Theatre,
2014 Participation in show “Summer With The Ladies”, Gallery 608 North, Redondo Beach
COLLECTIONS: Currently represented in Private collections throughout U.S.