Maria McCloud


“My House is an Assemblage!” Says my husband…it could be true. In practically every corner there is a little group of items, each telling a story..One particular, there is a small seated skeleton with a Jack-O-Lantern on his lap..he sits on wooden box and behind him are miniature liquor bottles. The viewer decides what it means.

Am I an assemblage artist? Initially no, but then again – I do love putting together items to make a statement rather it is serious in nature or just a simple image leaving the viewer to decide what he or she is seeing…I do what I feel at the time of the creation, whether it’s themed, or just a feeling..some are simple items, like a bird skull on a tiny chair, or very complex like my “Master Work” of a” Rasta Man” in mediation in a room in his house.

My assemblages consist of items from several sources; from a made item, like a figure; also found objects in the raw; antique items, and purchased items..all things very in subject matter..could be rusty nail or a piece of jewelry or a garage sale item – all pack-ratted to be retrieved at a later date.

So…YES, I am an Assemblage Artist! – Maria McCloud


Art Galleries 1980 to 2019

Long Beach City College Art Gallery – Group shows and One Man shows.

Eleven-Seven Gallery – Long Beach – Group shows and One Man shows

Hellada Arts Gallery – Long Beach, CA. – Group shows and One Man shows

CALB Galleries – Long Beach, CA. – Group shows

Chez-Shaw Gallery – Long Beach – Group shows

Whittier Art Gallery – Whittier, CA. – Group shows