Lily LaBare


If you look deep into my eyes you will see mischief. Pranks, cheap parlor tricks, and jokes fuel me. If you look into my soul you will see that beauty abounds there and my heart might as well be my brain. My artwork stems from life’s little observations. Whether I am people watching in the city or taking a stroll in the forest, I take note, put my spin on it and translate it onto paper via pastels, collage, or charcoal. Most recently, I am drawn to found object and assemblage sculptures.

When my father died in 2010 I was looking for a sign from above…anything from a daisy growing in a cement crack to a hummingbird whispering in my ear…oh, that must be him giving me a sign. I was looking too hard. I realized I needed to give him a sign. I wanted to communicate to him that I was going to be okay. So I began creating sculptures combining elements from my Mexican and French heritage: Dia de los Muertos and Voudou. And, my messages were sent upward.

My work then began evolving into another realm. I began using the best tool my dad ever gave me…humor. The materials I use are found in abandoned lots, roadside stops, curio shops, flea markets, forested trails, and even my own closet. These types of assemblages are intended to delight the eye, inspire, evoke a memory, start a conversation, tickle the funny bone, or simply to ask “why?”