Joseph Sims


JOSEPH SIMS Life is full of new beginnings, new ways of doing things, new ways of thinking and looking at old situations. As people immigrated to the United States – whether by force, because of slavery, or voluntarily – lives were being changed. People were starting over, creating new beginnings. This required renewing their minds and attitudes in order to realize their hopes and dreams. My work is created with society’s waste. Objects that are old and rusty, torn, discarded, rejected and worn-out are birthed into something new again with new life and purpose. This country was built with recycled lives; my work is built with recycled materials.
My work reflects those thoughts as I explore human nature. I use human silhouettes as a foundation for much of my work. I reflect on a state of mind or state of being by exploring and profiling thoughts and life experiences. Some themes that intersect throughout my work are family [as in Living Room] and the daily struggles that make life unpredictable. As shown in The Eleventh Hour, Laborer, and Secretary Day, my work often deals with life as it is handed to you. The path you take and decisions you make determine the outcome of your life.