Eva Kolosvary-Stupler


I work with found objects. I pick up other people’s trash, rusty,
twisted, throwaways. I look at them, play with them, and arrange
them into my assemblages. Found objects had a previous life, and
after they ran out of their useful life and have been discarded,
they reach a state of beauty, their forms become esthetically more
relevant than they were in their useful existence, because they got
deprived of their commercial references. When I find them they
reincarnate through my vision and artistic activities, as I
restructure them, assemble them for a new, longer life as,
an object of art.


Eva Kolosvary-Stupler is an award winning artist working in several different mediums. She earned her MFA at California State University, Long Beach, and has taught in many colleges in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. In Hungary, where she was born, she studied painting and drawing and continued to do so during her five year stay in Switzerland. In the United States she began her studies in ceramics at El Camino College. Afterwards, at California State University, Long Beach, she graduated with an MFA in printmaking. Her large color intaglios have been shown and have earned prizes nationwide, as well as in Europe, South America and Asia. After she changed over to doing assemblages she continued to exhibit widely and earned awards from many competitions. Recently she has been concentrating on doing colored drawings as well which, while stylistically and materially different from her assemblages, share her concern for both the subtly and blatantly surreal.

She is an honorable member of the Los Angeles Printmaking Society, where she served as president in 1980. She is also a member of the Los Angeles Assemblage Group, Color Pencil Society of America an SCWCA.

In April 2007 she was given a 40 year retrospective exhibition at the Mt. San Antonio College Art Gallery in Walnut, California.