Colleen Mirasou


When painting my very first piece of art, I realized that hidden parts of me had “unexpectedly” appeared on the canvas. In my desire to understand what those parts were and how that process worked, I went on to study psychology and the therapeutic uses of art.

After 20 years of painting and drawing, I began experimenting with 3-dimensional assemblage and have been captivated by it ever since. It excites me to see how collected objects transcend their original form to express powerful concepts in re-combination. My goal with each piece is to bring the viewer into relationship with the objects, thereby creating and stimulating new feelings and perspectives.

My art continues to propel me to explore my own personal journey. I draw inspiration from the Human Potential Movement, personal heroes such as Margaret Mead, Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud, Joseph Campbell, Mary Batesman, Eleanor Roosevelt, and themes from mythology, history, and spirituality.

Today, I continue to image archetypes (such as the Warrior and the Priestess) to explore the varied ways we each negotiate our relationship with today’s world.


2009 The Loft Galleries – San Pedro, CA
2007 Norm Maxwell Gallery – Santa Monica, CA
2006 Viva Gallery – Sherman Oaks, CA
2004 825 Gallery (LA Art Association) – Los Angeles, CA
2000 Alameda County Art Association– Hayward, CA
1989 Palo Alto Art Association — Palo Alto, CA
1985 Hillsborough Art Festival – Hillsborough, CA
1984 Private Showing with Leonard Breggar – San Mateo, CA
1983 Los Altos Country Club – Los Altos, CA